Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Recent Clothing Deliveries

I just want to start out with a big Thank You to all who have been donating clothes to our ministry.  We get quite a few phone calls/emails for people just needing clothes....kids clothes, adult clothes, baby clothes.

And lately we've been able to provide the needs with YOUR donations :)

I have posted pictures below of one of the recent drop offs we've done.  This one was from Saturday - for a family in Roxboro who is having a baby girl soon and didn't have the money for baby girl things.  We actually ended up giving her a little more than this, including a portable high chair type of thing, a bottle sanitizer, a co-sleeper, and some other items.  But I just didn't get pictures of those :)  We threw in some bread, big bags of popcorn and a gallon of milk just for good measure :)

Then last night we made a delivery to a family in Henderson who also needed clothes.  We were able to meet the mom and provide some items for her and 6 children....most of them being teenagers.  (Oh man I'm glad I'm not the parent in THAT house!!!  LOL)  In addition to clothes that had been donated for them, I went and purchased each person a brand new pack of socks and underwear.  Those items are essentials and expensive - so I can understand why it would be hard for someone to afford all of them for that many people.  (Of course the entire bag of new socks and underwear were left in my living room, so I'll be making another trip back to her house on Thursday night to deliver those.)

Today I was also able to deliver about 10 racks of bread to Mr. Harley at Hoover Road Apartments in Durham.  He is always so very thankful to get the bread to hand out to the residents. 

Later this afternoon and later in the week we are going to look at stackable washer/dryer sets for the family in need that I had posted about a few times on facebook.  If you don't mind, just lift up a prayer of thanksgiving to our Lord for this provision....and also just that the unit we select will be in good working order and the transaction will go smoothly, fairly and safely :)  As I stated before, I cannot imagine having children and not having a washing machine in my home.  Oh how richly blessed we are and don't even know take the time to notice!

Last night while we were passing through Oxford we went hunting a "lead" someone gave us.  Someone notified us that there might be homeless folks living in tents behind the Popeyes in Oxford.  We didn't find any - and I sent Dean out into the woods with a flashlight - but he's going to try again when it's not so dark out.  We'll keep you guys updated on that!

And there are two great ministry opportunities in Durham this weekend that I'm aware of.  Bull City Outreach Ministries is having an outreach from 1pm to 4pm on Saturday at Long Meadow Park on the corner of Hyde Park and Liberty.  And Frontlinez Outreach Ministries is having one at Hoover Road Apartments also on Saturday.

Loving Radically Through Christ,


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