Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Be Ready Boxes

Howdy guys :)  We ran into a local homeless man the other night walking around through Creedmoor/Butner area.  We stopped and talked to him and offered him some help with food and supplies from Food Lion - but he really just wanted some money.  We explained to him that we do not hand out money, but would gladly buy him whatever he needed.  After he realized that we weren't going to give away cash, he backed down.  He asked for work, but we don't have any of that to offer either.

We regularly see this man walking around town.  This was the first time we had approached him, so we realize that there is no relationship yet formed....but we will not stop trying :)  We want to help him out with his immediate needs and hopefully get to the heart and be able to share the gospel with him and show him how Jesus offers life to the fullest.

This prompted me to head to the store last night and gather supplies that I thought he might need.  I made a little box and I'm going to have Dean carry it around in the car.  When he sees the man walking around town again, he can offer it to him. 

Please join us in praying over this box....that it will get our foot in the door....the door to his heart of course :)

Here are some pictures of the box....I tried to include items that I thought could be needed by him:

Soap (he said he needed soap)
Cough Drop
Hand Sanitizer
Travel Wipes
Body Wash
A Gospel Tract
Hershey Bar :)

We also gave him our business card with our phone numbers, and a Christmas card with a hand-written note for personalization.  We don't know this man yet - but God does - and wants him :)

We have been told about a group of homeless that live in Oxford in tents - and hopefully we will be able to get by there and scope that area out this week or weekend.  If you would like to help out with making a box for one or two people, you can purchase gift cards for the Dollar Tree.  Most of the items can be purchased there.  The cost of one of these boxes is about $20. 

Thanks to Deborah Reliford for assisting with this one!

Loving Radically Through Christ,


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