Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Furniture Need for Local Family

A local family of 6 in Creedmoor is in need of living room furniture and dressers.  They recently moved out of the Durham Rescue Mission into a home in Creedmoor.  They have a kitchen table and beds, but they do not have anything to sit on or use in the living room.  They also do not have dressers for their clothes.

There are 4 children in this family....a set of 1 year old twins and two older children.

If you can help - please get in touch with us ASAP!



CHRISTmas is Coming!

CHRISTmas is coming - are you getting excited?  We surely are!  It's one way we get to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

Every day is a day to celebrate Him - but this season allows us to share it with others even more!

There is an elderly apartment complex in Butner that we have been out ministering in before.  We love to visit with the elderly....talk with them....love on them....and just bless them with goodies.  I would like to make baskets for each of the residents for Christmas.  A lady that helps with our ministry regularly has agreed to make up the baskets all nice and fancy once I've gotten all of the items together.  I am thinking of putting some goodies, fruits, lotions, soaps, gloves, socks, etc. in the baskets.  I will start shopping for items soon - so if you have some things that could be donated for this project - let me know and we'll meet up!  I believe there are 24 residents in this complex.

When we last checked in with you, we were doing a service project at Heather's house.  The situation was not good when we got there and we found lots of mold and mildew and damage all throughout her trailer....due to old wood and leaky windows and roof.  We are working on finding some assistance for her.  She is staying with her mom right now so that they are not living in this hazardous environment.  I am hoping that we will be able to help her find another place to live altogether - unless the landlord agrees that the problem is partially his and agrees to come in and make wall, floor and roof repairs.

We were able to get her yard cleanup done and we pressure washed the trailer.  A big thanks to Antioch Baptist Church youth and members for joining with us and helping out.

Since then we have been able to join forces with them to help out two of their church members with yard/garage clean up.  We had a great time and hope to be able to join up with them again soon!

We have been doing many food deliveries to needy families in the area.  God has really blessed us with some food access lately and we are sure to praise Him every time we receive the means to meet a need.  Our food pantry is always in need of non-perishable items, so please let me know if you have some things you'd like to donate.  I can set up a time to meet you.

We have also received many baby/kids donations recently - so we will be sorting clothes and toys and finding good homes for all of these items.  Thank you to all that have donated!  We greatly appreciate them all and really appreciate your trust in us.  (If you would like to help me sort and organize one day - please let me know!!  I would love to have you over for a couple of hours.)

I found a ministry that ministers to the homeless in downtown Durham on Wednesdays.  They serve a hot meal and a great message from the Word of God.  It has been a huge blessing to be able to serve with them for the past few weeks and I hope to be able to continue.  This is the perfect mid-week lunch break and is an excellent refresher in the middle of a work week.  I have already started forming bonds with these folks and have enjoyed being able to share the love of Jesus with them.  We have been able to provide shoes, blankets, coats and Bibles so far.  Thank you to those who have donated items for this also.

Dean has continued his crosswalking and is loving every minute he gets to spend on the streets sharing about Jesus.  He has had some wonderfully interesting encounters and conversations and has even spoken at a couple different places about his endeavors.  My husband has an evangelistic heart and would love to go out witnessing and sharing Jesus every day of his life if he could.

He also tagged along with Pastor Terry (Bull City Outreach) to jail ministry last Tuesday.  He really loved that too and will be starting that regularly, Lord willing :)

Prayer night continues at our house each week and we would love to have you join us!  We do rotate days of the week - so if you're interested, let me know and we can keep you informed of the day for that week.

I am starting the Love Sex and Lasting Relationships study again....lol.  The date has been changed several times....but we are officially starting this Saturday at 1pm at Bethel Christian Center on Rose of Sharon Road in Durham.  This study is for girls of all ages.  It is free of charge and will be very informative and lots of fun.  We would love to have you there and you can email or call for more details on that.

I hope I have covered everything and I'm sorry it has taken so long for us to update the blog.

Loving Radically Through Christ,