Thursday, November 1, 2012

Update On Urgent Need

We posted about an urgent need for a lady named Heather.  A big shout out to Kyle and Beverly Mulholland of Antioch Baptist Church for stepping up immediately and offering to help out. 

Dean called to touch base with Heather today to see when he and Kyle could come over to make a list of necessary supplies, and Heather was able to report that her previously unresponsive landlord came over and got the repair done! 

Praise the Lord!

(She was in a rent-to-own situation with this mobile home and her two year maintenance agreement with him had literally just expired.)

We will probably go by sometime this weekend to check out the repair and see what else is needed for this single mom of 4 kids.

We do know that only one burner on her stove is working, and the oven doesn't work at all.  So if you have a working stove that you would be willing to donate or sell for cheap, please contact us immediately.

We will probably be setting up a date soon to go over and help her with yard work, roof sealant, and any other minor repairs and cleaning that she would like to do.

We would love to have any fellow brothers and sisters join us and show the love of Christ to this family.  This also makes a great youth group project!!

Loving Radically Through Christ,