Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Well we had been doing a Bible study at our house on Tuesday nights at 7pm.  We've been doing this so that people we meet along the way can have an avenue to come and learn more about the Bible outside of a typical church setting.  We've also been inviting friends and family.  We started out by reading the book "Forgotten God" by Frances Chan.  (Excellent, excellent read by the way....)

Well the first couple of weeks went well.  Family and a few friends showed up and also a family that we met at our first outreach at Lake Rogers Park in Creedmoor.

But for the past two weeks we've only had one person show up on Tuesday nights. 

However.....that hasn't stopped God at all!  You know what He taught us....we just need to be ready in and out of season.  We will be available to hold Tuesday night Bible studies and will give the option to everyone that we meet at outreaches.  They can come to our house - or we'll come to theirs! 

If anyone wants to come over on Tuesday nights for Bible study and discussion at 7pm - please come!  We'll hold it.  If not - we'll just do what we've been doing the past two weeks.....and that's going out into the community.

Last week we went and delivered food in a local mobile home park, and last night we did it again!  Dean's friend and co-worker Diana Allen went with us and we had a wonderful time:  meeting people, talking with familiar faces, meeting immediate needs with food, telling people about the July 30th outreach, and talking with folks about Jesus :)

(Ya'll know I'm still new at this blog so I hope I can get the pictures from last night to show

To God be the Glory for each food item that we are able to hand each person we are able to talk each smile we're able to get out of the each hand we're able to each prayer we're able to lift up!

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