Tuesday, June 28, 2011


A man enters a store to buy a single pearl. The owner of the store approaches the man and asks, " How may I help you?"  The man explains, " I would like to buy a single pearl." The owner replies, " I see."  The owner pulls out the finest pearl the man had ever seen. The man then asks the owner, " How much is it ? " The owner replied, " It is very expensive." The man asks, " How much?" The owner asks, " What do you have?"  The man answers, " I have $10,000 dollars."  " That is good the owner says, but it is not enough, what else do you have?" The man said, " That's everything I have! " The owner asks, " Do you have a car? " The man said, " Yes I have two of them."  The owner replies, " Great , I will take those too; do you have anything else? " " Well I have a house."  The owner replies yet again, " I will take that as well; anything else?"  The man said, " No that's everything, but a camper."  The owner replies, " Oh you have a camper?  I will need that too." "What more do you have? "  The man said, " You have taken everything."  The owner asks again," Do you have a wife and kid's? I will need them also, oh and I will require your life as well!"  The cost of  being a disciple of  Jesus requires us to give up everything, even our on lives.  Is it worth losing it all to gain Jesus? If the answer is no then we gain nothing and lose everything! COUNT THE COST!   Luke 14:25-35

Living Radical For Christ

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