Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week In Review

Just wanted to keep you guys updated on the things we've been up to over the last week or so.....

Last Wednesday we went out to Twin Circles Mobile Home Park in Butner.  Dean and Alex went door to door handing out milk in the pouring rain.  I chauffered and sat in the car just smiling....it warmed my heart to see them not minding a bit if they got soaked.  While we were riding through the park, we asked Alex why we came here and handed out bread and milk, and he said "Because that's what God made us to do."  Simple enough....so very true :)

Thursday we had in home Bible Study with a newbie and some familiar faces.  I taught on Community and what it means and how it's described as taking effect in our lives once we truly understand the Gospel.

Friday night we went to Prayer Meeting at Bethel Christian Center....and man that was good :)  We just have an awesome time of prayer and fellowship with the Lord and other brothers and sisters in Christ.  This is my second time now going to this monthly prayer meeting at Bethel, and I can honestly say that my prayer life has already dramatically improved.  I love how I can go in and have a whole undevoted hour of prayer with worship music playing in the background.  No one else around me is worried about what I'm wearing, what I'm praying about, if I'm crying or singing or walking around or dancing.  Everyone is having their own hour of prayer time with the Lord and it's just wonderful!  We all gather together after the hour and fellowship with a time of communion and then get together and eat dinner.  I'm already looking forward to next month! 

Saturday was the Pride Parade.  You can read Dean's previous posts on that for more information.  It was truly an awesome experience for me as well.  That one event of radical obedience to the Lord has alread begun working on Dean and I.  I overcame fear ONLY by the Spirit's help and learned to keep my eyes on the prize, HIM, during times of persecution.  We LOVE everyone out there and just want them to realize the truth of God's Word.....

Sunday we headed out to Oxford to see what apartment complexes we could find.  I had a list of 5 or 6 different places in Oxford - but the one that we actually ended up staying at the most, we just happened to stumble upon while we were driving around.  We were able to meet some new folks - hand out some bread and sweets - and explain to these people who we were and why we do what we do.  We told them that we would be seeing more of them very soon :)  (As a matter of fact, Dean is planning to go back out to the area tonight while I take Courtney to her first volleyball game of the season.)  We are already thinking along the lines of doing an outreach event in this area, so go ahead and let us know if you'd be interested in coming and sharing the Gospel with us!

Also on Sunday we had more bread and some milk - so we went out to Morning Glory Apartments in Butner.  This is a senior citizen only apartment complex - and we absolutely love going out there.  Alex and Courtney really enjoy being able to go door-to-door and ringing doorbells and knocking.  And the folks there are always happy to see the kids.  The people there are so very nice to us and are always very thankful and like to chat with us.  I told Ms. Ruby Brown that we would pray for her - so please join me in that.  She had a large skin cancer area removed from her arm and skin was grafted from her leg onto the arm.  She said that she is sure that all of the cancer has been removed and that she will be fine now.  But I assured her that I would pray for her and would be happy to do it!

Last night we headed back out to Twin Circles Mobile Home Park.  We took the usual bread and also made a special treat for our friends.....strawberry shortcakes!  We already had the cakes - so I loaded up on Cool Whip and fresh strawberries.  Courtney, Dean and I sliced the strawberries and I made a homemade syrup out of them.  We took that out and set up a table and just had a great time of fellowship with our friends.

If you remember from a previous post, we had been invited over to a family's house for dinner - and we went and it was amazing.  Well, we are going to have them over to our house next week and my husband is going to cook us an amazing, homemade, southern meal :)  Yes - you read it right - my husband is going to cook it.  He is an absolutely amazing cook.  I think he gets it from his mama :)

Stay tuned for upcoming posts and events!  We would love to have you get involved with us!

I will probably need some help in the next week or so getting some clothes organized.  We have been receiving a lot of donations and we love it!  But I'm an organization freak sometimes - so I want to have everything put together by size and gender so it's easier for people to sort through and find what they need.  If you have clothing donations of gently used clothes - we would love to use them for families in need.

Also if you would like to donate Bibles or Gospel Tracts - please let me know!  We really go through these things!  You probably are all well aware of the fact that gas is a major expense for us - so we would really appreciate gas card donations.  Even if it's only $5 a week it would help us out tremendously!

Thank you as always :)  We love you guys!

Loving Radically Through Christ,


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