Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's Been A While!

Wow - how have we not posted on here since August 18th??  I am so sorry for those of you that look for our updates regularly.

We've had some changes since the 18th....and been doing the regular work too :)

God has truly blessed us with what we need, and when something changes, we just continue to trust Him.  In the past few weeks we lost a huge bread/snack pickup that really helped us to supply the families that we minister to.

We also lost our weekly milk hook up.  Drivers change routes and home offices decide that they want to begin inventorying every item that is not sold.

But we continue to trust!  We still have one bread pick up and one snacks pick up - but both are sporadic.  We will continue to graciously accept those items as blessings from above and use them to minister to the local families.

At any time if you are feeling led to give, but would like to give something tangible, we would love to accept fresh fruit and vegetable donations or cartons of eggs!!!  The families in Twin Circles Mobile Home Park love it when we are able to bless them with those items.

Onto to other things.....Dean has been researching his CrossWalk idea.  It seems that if we decide to do this as planned - we would be considered a parade.  Two or more folks getting together and walking down the road is a parade.  And that requires the "ok" from the town and the local police - and also "event insurance".  Who woulda thought???  Red tape is glorious - isn't it?

So we'll be saving up for this "event insurance" and will keep you guys posted on the CrossWalk.  We definitely still want to do it and feel it will really have an impact.

On August 21st we teamed up with Working Faith Ministries in Butner and took about 40 brand new bookbags with school supplies out to Twin Circles Mobile Home Park.  We were able to team up with fellow family members and help out some local kids heading back to school.  (I have pictures and will post later.)  We were truly blessed by that experience and hope that we were able to continue to show the love of Jesus.

The following Tuesday we went back out to the area and set up tables with bread and tortillas and snacks and also some fresh watermelon.  We had a grand time just fellowshipping with the folks over some fresh cut watermelon.  It was really a hit and people were coming out and hanging out with us.  We also played a little soccer with the kids and I was able to do some "Jesus Worksheets" with some of the older kids.  Thanks to Gloria and her kids for coming and helping out too.  They are really a blessing to us and are always willing to help out whenever possible! 

Last Friday we visited with a family in Durham that we had met a few weeks before.  Frances, the mother, had saw me driving around Durham one day and saw the magnet with phone number on my car, and it prompted her to call us to see what we were all about.  We were able to take some food to Frances and her kids and also talk with them for over an hour just about life in general, our ministry, and our sweet Jesus.  This past Friday was our second visit with them.  We just went over to hang out and see how they were doing.  We talked some more and shared our faith some more.  We plan on going back soon possibly for a movie night and Bible study. 

Frances is a single mom of two teenagers.  The family has some Christian basis - but has also encountered a lot of misery in life - and is just hurting and needs some direction.  So we are trying our best to point them in the direction and get them on the path to a true, intimate relationship with Jesus.  Please join us in prayer for this family.  I have really taken a liking to the teenage daughter.  She is 15 and just starting high school.  I have been able to talk with her pretty deeply about issues that plague the teenage girls in this society - and she seems to really understand and want a better way in life!  She is very smart and loves to learn and it is very encouraging!  Sometimes people just need someone to come alongside them and reinforce the love of Jesus for them....reinforce their importance in the eyes of God....and offer them friendship and a shoulder.

I believe that we are going to have a spur of the moment Bible study tonight at our home :)  We haven't done one in our home in a while because we've been going out into the community on Tuesday nights.  But I have been craving some serious group study - so when I suggested it, my dear hubby said that would be great - and then asked me what I was teaching  So I've been seriously praying that the Spirit would reveal to me what I need to talk about tonight.  I have no doubt He'll come through :)  So if you wanna head out to our house tonight - please do!!! 

Send us an email, facebook message us, call us on our cell.....whatever works for us :)

Loving Radically Through Christ,


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