Thursday, July 28, 2011

There Is Nothing Like God's Timing

Do you realize that God's timing is ALWAYS perfect....ALWAYS right....and rarely lines up with our own timing?

We love it when the Spirit of the Lord moves on people at just the right is a current day miracle and wonderful to experience.

Just over the past couple of days:
  • Dean happened to be praying in the parking lot at Food Lion when an elderly man saw him and started up a conversation....before leaving Dean was able to pray with that man right there in the parking lot - for the man's wife that was in the hospital and probably getting ready to pass from terminal cancer
  • I had a trunk load of 75 loaves of bread that needed to go out immediately....the Lord led me and Courtney to take the bread to Urban Ministries yesterday (whom I have never worked with or contacted) - we drove up in the parking lot and just walked in and asked if they needed bread....well guess what?  Their food pantry had just ran out of bread THAT MORNING and hadn't gotten their regular bread pick-up that Tuesday.  God already had that lined up :)
  • We were unable to locate a local Gideon in the Granville County area to have a case of small Bibles for the outreach on Saturday, and just this morning God has already provided through two friends sacrificing their hard-earned money!  We got an email this morning from Denise Watts that she has 30 small Bibles, and then Malcolm Mathieson provided $40 to pick up Bibles and small dollar store toys.
  • We have had people in the community asking for fresh fruits/vegetables, and Ellen and Tim Rogers at Antioch Baptist Church gave us access to a family corn field last night, and Dean was able to go and pick many, many ears of corn which will be given out on Saturday.
  • We do not have a truck or trailer as of yet to haul all of the outreach items, but Dawne and Randy have graciously donated use of their van to get everything picked up and hauled around tonight.
There are many, many other things that God has provided for this outreach.  We are very excited to see it all come together.  There is a lot of work to be done between now and Saturday - but we are confident that God will see us through it all and that His plan will be accomplished through this.

We are already so grateful for everything that has been provided so far....all the people that have volunteered to help.  We will post a full list after the outreach is done.  Then everyone can see how God used His people to come together and work together with one mind, one body, one goal of reaching others for Him.

Loving Radically Through Christ,


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