Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words....

So it's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words - right?  Well....I hope these pictures say a lot :) 

We had a wonderful time last night.  Yes it was horribly hot....yes we were sweaty and a little on the miserable side....but when you're doing the Lord's work and building relationships with people in order to share His Good News, then it's all worth it.

We had Dawn and her girls and her son from Open Arms Fellowship with us last night, along with Dean's mom Marcia who is an essential member of Radical Life Outreach Ministries! 

It was such a blessing to be able to introduce some other Christians to our friends in Twin Circles.  We had a great time fellowshipping with these ladies and Alex really enjoyed having Chase around to play with.

I believe the highlight of the night was James, the boy with the cross necklace.  This is the same guy who we mentioned in an earlier post who had NEVER heard the Good News of Jesus.  He didn't know what Jesus did, or why He did it.  He'd never even heard John 3:16....amazing in this area where there is a VBS going on every week during the summer.  (Wake up call church....get out of the pew and into the world!!!  I absolutely adore VBS and enjoy putting on a good, Word-of-God sharing VBS for kids, and will probably continue participating for many years to come....but I do recall Jesus reading scripture in the temple IN ADDITION TO walking the towns preaching the message.  He did more "street ministry" than hanging out in the temple.  And as His disciples, as we wear the name of "little Christ" we are ALL called to go out like He did....we are ALL called to give up EVERYTHING and follow Him if required.)

Well last night Dean was able to catch up with James and two of his friends.  He was able to show him John 3:16 again and have him memorize it this time!  Then Dean found me, and James was able to repeat it back to me without any assitance!  So very cool!!!!  His first learned scripture about the One who was sent to redeem!  We gave him some goodies and told him that we would see him around very soon.  We will definitely be getting him a Bible of his own and will continue to encourage this relationship.  I found out that Courtney goes to school with him and knew him fairly well, so this will come in handy next year when school starts back and Courtney can befriend him and share the gospel with him more.

We handed out invitations to the July 30th outreach and people seemed excited to come.  We hope that God will send many out to us that day and we will be able to disciple these people and lead them to Christ.

Please email us if you have any questions about the July 30th outreach...if you want information or if you want to see how you can help out.  We definitely need all the help we can get!!!!

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