Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I want to take this moment to give a HUGE thank you to Open Arms Fellowship in Creedmoor and Working Faith Ministries in Butner.

I know that these two congregations probably do not desire a public commendation....but I'm giving it anyway!  :)

Both of these congregations have opened their doors, hearts and lives to us.  They have willingly joined with us and will be joining with us further for the July 30th outreach in Twin Circles Mobile Home Park.

We have had a wonderful time already serving with some ladies (and their sweet children) at Open Arms Fellowship.  For the past two Tuesday nights we have been joined by Dawn and her daughters, and Gloria and her children, to pass out bread and food supplies at Twin Circles and Morning Glory Apartments.

It was hot and sweaty last night - but we still had a great time showing the love of the Lord to these folks with the food He has so generously provided.

We even decided that we had such a good time together last night that we're gonna meet up again tonight and have some Bible study/discussion and fellowship time :)  !!!

And to Working Faith Ministries....this relationship has just begun but we are very thankful and very excited.  Dean has found a true brother in Christ and he is so very humbled and honored.  Pastor Trey provided us with Spanish Bibles and Spanish Tracts on Sunday after Dean spoke a little about our ministry.


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