Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Upcoming August Outreaches - We Need Your Help!!

We have been very busy this summer!  From every weekend food pick ups and deliveries, to crosswalking and street witnessing, to jail ministry and donation sorting and distributing....we are gearing up for August and beyond!  I will have some exciting news to share soon with our ministry followers and our friends and family.  (No, I'm not pregnant....lol.)

We have two upcoming outreaches!  One will be on Tuesday, August 6th in Durham with Bull City Outreach - Pastor Terry Shuff.  This is for National Night Out.  We've participated in this for the past few years, and we really enjoy it.  It's a time of fellowship with ministries and law enforcement officers into the local communities.  Neighborhoods from every city in the country participate in this event each year.

Pastor Terry will be posting needs on facebook for this event, and we will also be doing a little something for the kids that show up.  Last year we did a puppet show and some face painting and also some giveaways of snacks and toys.  We hope to be able to do the same this year - along with a few other things.  Dean has been preparing an Armor of God costume that he will hopefully have done in time for this event.  I have ordered some craft supplies based on the Armor of God from www.orientaltrading.com.  We hope to be able to incorporate those crafts and activities into the night to help the kids remember what they saw and learned.  The hands-on activities always make it easier for the kids to understand and remember the Bible truths we're sharing.

Please come and help out as a cook, food prep and serving, singer, childrens worker, tear down & clean up crew, and most important - GOSPEL SHARER!!

Towards the end of August we will do our second annual mobile VBS.  This year we will take it to an apartment complex in Oxford.  We went there earlier in the year and had such a good turn out that we want to go back and check in with the folks and share some more Bible Truth with them.  Our normal Radical Life Outreach Ministries team will be there - but we will definitely need more people to help!  We were WAY understaffed at the last outreach.  If you would like to come and be a part of the team, please let us know ASAP so we can start working on the areas that people are interested in serving in.

Also if you would like to help out financially, we always appreciate that.  So far we have spent about $250 on supplies for these outreaches, but we will still need other things like paper goods, chips, water, snacks, and kids prizes.

We appreciate your continued support of our ministry!  We know that the Lord is using us to get His Word out to people in our area, and we greatly appreciate all of your prayers and kind words and donations.  Please continue to lift us up for His service.  Sometimes the task is a bit overwhelming and exhausting, but we know that He gives us the strength when the time comes - and for that we are extremely thankful!

Loving Radically Through Christ,


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