Thursday, May 9, 2013

Roofing Repairs Update - Part 1 Complete!

(I have posted a link to the photo album showing the repair pictures....please email me at if you cannot access the photo album via this link.)

Dean and Kyle set out last Saturday to do the necessary roofing repairs.  They were able to snag the youth leader and a couple of youth group members from Bethel Christian Center to help - Thank You SOOOOOOOOOO Much!!

They were able to get most of the roofing repairs completed and will be finishing up next Saturday (May 18th).

The supplies ended up total $537.  We were able to raise $416 through our blog posts and facebook posts!  Thank you again to all who donated!!

After the roofing repairs are done on May 18th, we will start trying to raise funds for the trim and siding problems.  You can see some of these problems in the pictures of the roofing repairs.

More to Come Soon!


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