Wednesday, April 17, 2013

First 2013 Trip to Morning Glory Apartments

On Sunday I prayed about where the Lord would have us go out and deliver food goodies and talk to people about the love of Jesus.

He directed me to Morning Glory Apartments in Butner.  This is the elderly/senior apartment complex that we've visited a number of times before.

I just really have a heart for these residents and feel like the body of Christ should make sure they are taken care of and loved.  Most (if not all) of the residents live alone and are absolutely thrilled to see us when we come by.

Most of them remember Alex, as he is always eager to talk to them, and hug them, and make up reasons to come in their homes and check out gadgets that he sees from the doorway.  (He's a little turkey and usually gets his way, even after I plead with him not to barge in anyone else's home.)

We went door to door and introduced/reintroduced ourselves and offered to let them pick whatever food items they wanted.  I carried a big box of various sweets from the Food Lion bakery, and Dean carried a big box of various bread items from the Food Lion bakery.  Alex carried some pamphelts they could read on Eternity and the gospel.  I also took a note pad and pen and got each one of their first names, apartment numbers and prayer needs that they had.

Monday night we had our usual fellowship night in our home and we prayed for these needs, as we promised.

Then last night I was blessed beyond measure when I saw one of the residents in Food Lion and I was able to go up to her and call her by first name and let her know that we had just prayed for her son!

We will definitely be back in the area more, continuing to build relationships, talk about Jesus, take food, pray, and see what other areas we can serve them in!

Loving Radically Through Christ,


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