Sunday, May 20, 2012

We had another mobile VBS meeting last week and things are moving forward very nicely.  We will meet again on Monday, May 28th and will tie up all of the loose ends and hopefully be ready to do a dry run.  We're already very anxious to get out into the community and share the message with the local kids.  If you don't mind, please go ahead and begin praying for seeds to be planted in the kids, and for a good harvest, whether it's reaped immediately or in the future with other Jesus-seed sowers.

We knew that the Lord had planted this alien theme in our hearts last year - but just in case we needed a little more confirmation that He wanted us to do this - He gave us a little supernatural provision last week.  Dean got a call from the local Super Dollar store and they provided boxes and boxes and boxes of 2 liter drinks, cookies, chips and other snacks.  We think it will almost be enough to make it through the entire summer's worth of VBS's that we're planning!  I'll buy some fresh fruit right before we start, and we should be good to go.

Isn't God good?  Here's to Him making another provision for cups and plates and napkins, right?  :)  We've got faith!

Right now we've got a little team going....but we'd love to have you help if you ever want to.

So far it's going to be me, Dean, Courtney, Alex, Marcia (Dean's mom), Carla (Dean's sister in law), Blake (Dean's nephew), Jean (Marcia's neighbor), and Kyle and Beverly Mulholland.  We have a variety of activities planned, like skits, lessons, games, face painting, puppets and snacks.

We will be going to hand out flyers in the Twin Circles mobile home park on Tuesday, June 19th and weather promitting, we'll be doing the first VBS on June 23rd and 24th.

If you feel led to donate to this ministry in ANY way, we would greatly appreciate it.  We like to order items from Oriental Trading to use for crafts and games and we always are in need of NIV or ESV Bibles, spanish or english.  We also greatly appreciate gift cards to WalMart for food and supplies, or gift cards for gas.

Thanks so much for supporting us.

Loving radically through Christ,


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