Thursday, January 5, 2012

We're Still Here :)

I promise we haven't quit the ministry :)

We're still here and busier than ever!

I'm not sure if I had updated everyone to let them know - but we have been blessed with so many clothing and household donations lately that we had to get rid of all the furniture in our living room and bring in shelving units to make it solely a ministry room! 

We love it and are so thankful.

If you know of families or individuals that are in need of clothing in our area, let them know about our ministry!  I have been getting clothes together for many people during the holiday break - and delivering them - even to Henderson, Roxboro and Durham areas.  But sometimes it's easier for the person/family just to come into our clothing closet and pick out what they want or can use.  So please send them our way!

Everything we receive is by donation and is directly from the Lord.  I have people contact me on a regular basis to ask if we are taking clothes.  At this point in time I don't have the volunteer hands, or the money, to wash everything that comes we are trying to ask that we only take clothing donations from non-smoking homes.

We are still doing our regular food pick ups - bread and milk.  We got some ice cream and some meats within the last month - and those were great helps!  We also received a huge donation of Hunger Boxes from Pastor Terry at Bull City Outreach.  We haven't been out in the trailer parks weekly like normal...only because of the daylight.  By the time I get home from work it's already dark - and the people don't normally come out to hang out with us when it's already dark.  We've been trying to go on the weekends and when we get bread pick ups at least to let them know we're still here and still love them!

We are still working on the planning stages of our alien-themed kids outreach - and when the time comes for that - we'll need some grown-ups to help!  So keep your eyes and ears peeled for that.

We are also working on t-shirt ideas - on getting some official t-shirts made up for our ministry.  We want something bold and to the point - that sums up what we're about and to get people's attention.  Dean is a genius when it comes to thinking up ideas like that - but we just haven't come up with the perfect idea yet.

There are so many more things I should probably update everyone on, but right now I can't put them all together.

We helped quite a few families with toys and food and clothes for Christmas.  We've helped a family get a much-needed stackable washer and dryer for their home.  Dean was able to furnish a needy man's home in the blink of an eye....didn't even have to post the need publicly.  Now that was an amazing story right there!  We've helped quite a few families that are getting ready to have precious little babies.

But again - we're just the middle men....the Lord provides everything we get....and He continues to prove Himself faithful.  It's all His anyway - we're are just His hands and feet in our local community.

If you would like to contact us for anything - please feel free to do so! 

If you have an outreach idea and want to see if we can help accomodate it - please let us know!

Loving Radically Through Christ,


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  1. Hey Guys, Enjoying the updates! Your ministry reminds me of a book I read about George Muller. I highly suggest reading it.

    Love you guys!