Monday, January 13, 2014

Final Tally for Mardi Gras

Well folks.....we DID it!  Actually God did.  He came through and we are fully funded for the Mardi Gras mission trip!

We are so blessed by this entire thing that we don't even have words to explain it.

We wish we could give shout outs to every single person that donated, but some people will just not let us even mention their names.

We had $200 on Wednesday night.  The pledge drive started on Thursday and ended on Friday night.  We were able to get $400 in pledges - and that got doubled to $800!  So our total of $1000 was reached in a span of 3 days.

Unfortunately, this wonderful miracle has not put a stop on Satan's attacks.  They have already started and may continue up until we leave for the trip.  Please, please, please pray for our team. 

Please pray for our matching pledge donor.  Immediately after this person pledged the funds, a big unexpected financial blow hit.  I immediately let them know that we wouldn't take their money, but would continue to raise funds, but they know that God told them to give it to us, and they are trusting Him to provide what is needed.  We came in agreement to not let Satan put a stop to the Lord's work.

Our other team members have funds to raise so we will be working on fundraisers very soon.  I have an awesomely amazing pumpkin bread recipe and will be selling loaves.  We can do mini loaves or large loaves.  So go ahead and place your order NOW!  We will take orders for 1 week and will then schedule a time to bake and deliver.

We will also be doing a spaghetti dinner fundraiser very soon....probably February 1st if we can find a host space (with a kitchen) in Durham.

We are also considering a Valentine's Night babysitting service for all you love birds who'd like to take your sweetie out.

Keep on the lookout for new updates!  And again, thank you so very much for praying and donating!

Loving Radically Through Christ,


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