Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Roofing Repairs Update - Next Job SIDING REPAIRS

The roofing repairs were completed at the end of May.  Thank you so very much to all who donated their money or time to get this completed!  The mom and daughter are extremely grateful and don't have to worry about leaks during the rain (perfect timing considering this was finished before the tropical storm we just had!!)

The final pictures are below:

They really did a great job and put in a lot of hard work!

If you'll also recall from the original posting, the siding on this home needs to be replaced.  Thin wood siding was used on this mobile home, and it has also begun to rot and waste away after getting wet.  We have priced out the supplies for the siding and it will be around $1500.  We are going to begin praying that God will send the supplies and provision for this also.  We know He can - so do you want to be a part in helping out?

Kyle Mulholland has generously donated his handyman services again and will be instructing the laborers in how to complete this portion of the repairs also.

We have already received our first personal donation of $50 from Michael Britt and Christy Eatmon, the youth leaders at Bethel Christian Center.  Thank you guys so very much!!!

(I also believe that I forgot to post that Glen and Lindsey Newsome, Associate Pastor and wife of Antioch Baptist Church, gave a donation at the end of May for $150 that went to cover the balance of the roofing repairs.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!)

We look forward to working on this next project and will keep you guys updated!

Loving Radically Through Christ,



  1. It’s nice that you have some professional helping hands to finish this project faster. You are blessed with truly good friends that are willing to donate something and do labor in this project. The roof looks properly installed. Kudos to all of you!
    @ Maggio Roofing

  2. Kudos to all who helped repair the roof! All your time, money and hard work are worth it. The roof seems like it was installed by professional roofers. I’m positive they will no longer experience any leaks there. Well done! @ Roof Works

  3. Have you made any progress on the siding job? It seems you haven’t posted anything about this next project that you tackled here. Anyway, just make sure you inspect the entire house before putting the new siding. This is to ensure that the house is completely safe from rotting that might cause the new siding to get damaged again. @ Royal Roofing & Siding, Inc.