Tuesday, February 19, 2013


When we arrived in New Orleans you could feel a heaviness in the atmosphere. There was a dark oppression that seemed to be looming over the city. As we approached an intersection near downtown New Orleans, floats for the Mardi Gras parade begin to stream by, causing traffic to back up.

Finally as the last float went by, we continued to drive through the city. We saw many homeless people lying under bridges and sleeping on street corners. This is nothing new, we see homeless people on the streets where we are from, but it still saddens me to see it.

We arrived at our destination and got unpacked. During the day we took in some sightseeing of the city. That night we decided to go down to Bourbon Street where people were already celebrating Mardi Gras.  Bourbon Street is where the pinnacle of the party takes place.  People are drinking and dancing, and even stripping clothes off to reveal their bodies. When we arrived at Bourbon Street the party seekers saw our Jesus shirts and immediately begin throwing beads at us really hard.  I got hit in the top of my head so hard it stunned me.  I started to look up to see where it came from, but was afraid I would get hit in the face.  I guess that was their way of telling us that they didn't want us there, and the devil's way of trying to intimidate us.

We would not be discouraged or intimidated.  The onslaught actually encouraged us even more to fight the good fight. We would end up talking for hours to people about Jesus, and prayed with many that God would change their lives. It was an awesome first day, but the best was yet to come.

The next day we met at the church where would be eating our meals and fellowshipping. We would meet with other believers from all over the country.  Raven Ministries, a local ministry in New Orleans, hosted the event. They not only fed us three meals a day, but also provided sleeping arrangements for around 300 people. Praise God for Raven Ministries!

The bonds we made with other believers, and the experience of sharing our faith at Mardi Gras, will be something we will never forget.

(Below are some pictures of us witnessing for Jesus at Mardi Gras)

  This is our team of 10 that went to Mardi Gras to preach the gospel together

The prayer rally at Jefferson Square in downtown New Orleans where nearly 300 of us were gather together to worship and pray together. Then we would march all together down to Bourbon Street, where we would kneel down and pray right in the middle of Mardi Gras.

A group of guy's who came to Mardi Gras to party, but ended up meeting Jesus and praying for change in their lives!

This guy was really convicted as I expounded on the gospel and how it could transform his life

My beautiful wife preaching the gospel and giving her testimony! What a powerful testimony she has of how Jesus changed her life! AWESOME!!!

Courtney observing the people on the balcony's hurling down beads at us. This was Courtney's first time doing anything like this, and let me just say, "She was used by God in a powerful way!"  She was as bold as a lion out there!!! Way to go Courtney!!!

This guy was very angry with me at first, but later was shaking my hand and smiling.

When I saw this young man, the Holy Spirit gave me a word of knowledge for him. God told me that he had just broken up with his girlfriend and that he was having a hard time getting over it. I asked him about it, and he was so shocked by the whole experience that he took the beads off from around his neck and got rid of his beer..When I asked him if he wanted to get serious with God and live for Him, he said, yes, that he was serious and we prayed together.  I believe God did a wonderful change in his life!  Praise God!

What an awesome and life changing experience we had in New Orleans! God is moving in these last days, and He is looking for those that will fulfill the Great Commission. I hope this blog post has challenged you as much as this trip has challenged us. God Bless!!!

Luke 14:23
Then the master said to the servant, ‘Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.

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