Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We had such a good weekend and we're looking forward to this week ahead also!

Friday night we got Courtney all packed up for camp.  She headed out to Camp Discover with Youth for Christ of Roxboro yesterday.  Please join me in praying that she'll be safe, have a good time with fellow Christians her age, and discover a lot about her relationship with the Lord.  Middle school is such a fragile time period that needs to be covered in prayer for sure.

Saturday I went to my ladies Bible study (Beth Moore's James: Mercy Triumphs) and then to a niece's birthday party.

Sunday was church and just a blessed day!  I was able to take my new friend Sam(antha) to Sunday School and church with us.  I had gotten her a new Bible and she dug right in during service!  Then to get her really broken in, we took her to do food pick ups and deliveries.  We were able to take her with us to hand out food in two neighorhoods in Durham.  While there, Dean was able to minister to and pray with several people about their current relationship with the Lord.  Sam expressed several times how much she loved going to church with us and doing the ministry work, and she hoped that we will take her with us again next time.

Most definitely we will!

After the food deliveries we took a break at Pastor Terry's pool and then we were off again.  We headed to Roxboro, to East Rock Community Church, to hear the most talented David Solomon preach on God's provision. 

We did a little home maintenance on Courtney's braces (don't worry - just clipping some long wires with wire cutters), sent her off with hugs and kisses, and finally headed home to crash. 

What a wonderful weekend!

Tonight we will be joining up with Bull City Outreach Ministries, Emergency Chaplains, the City of Durham, and some other groups at the corner of Hyde Park and Liberty Streets in Durham, for National Night Out.  We'll be out there rain or shine.  It's from 4 to 7 - so come out if you can to share the Name, the Word, and the Love of Jesus with us!

Tomorrow we'll be blessed to work with the youth group at Bethel Christian Center.  The youth leaders will be out of town and we have been asked to step in and teach on Wednesday night and possibly Sunday morning. 

Wow....what an honor! 

Please keep us in prayer and see to it that we are directed by the Spirit for Divine Words and Divine Appointments.  We're going to do an extension of our alien-themed verses and ideas that we used for the kids in the mobile VBS.

Thursday we'll hopefully be teaming up with an old high school friend, Jeremy, to deliver a much needed couch and chair to a family in Durham.  Big thanks to him for volunteering his time and truck to help us get this need met!

Saturday I'll be joining with Open Arms Fellowship from Creedmoor to do a back-to-school clothing drive in Twin Circles Mobile Home Park in Butner.  If you have kids clothes or mens clothes that you would like to donate, please get in touch with me as soon as possible. 

Thank you so much for joining with us in all that's needed and being done.  We greatly appreciate it!

Loving Radically Through Christ,


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